Praise Night

Praise Night is coming very soon! Praise Night is an opportunity to join in a night of praising God through a combination of songs and other ways we can give thanks to God.

Details are as follows:

Date: 5th October
Time: 8 ~ 9.30pm
Location: Hurstville Chinese Baptist Church – Main Hall
Who is it open to: Anyone who wants to come along and join in a night of praise to our Lord!

The theme of the night is the gospel! The good news! Spread into 3 sections:

Creation and the awesomeness of God
Sin / Judgement and the cross
The new identity and response to Jesus on the cross

So remember to mark it in your diaries, and hope to see you guys there!

Some brain work before the leaders retreat

The followings are questions send to the leaders who go to retreat. It is also beneficial to every ESMer. As you know, ESM banner has these word: Disciple Making@simple+missional. The core of the whole thing is “disciple making.”

The questions are based on a 4 Fs model: Facts, Feelings, Findings and Future.

(1) Facts: The Facts of Disciple Making in ESM.
What have we done to make disciple?
The groups and fellowship that we have, are they making disciples?
Some of you may wonder: what is a disciple?

(2) Feelings: How do you feel about disciple making in ESM?
Are we excited or indifference about making disciples in ESM?
Are you frustrated/disappointed/encouraged/excited about how we are making disciples right now?
Do you have an urge to do something about it?

(3) Findings: What have you discovered?
What is the reason why we are what we are now?
Please describe your role in this disciple making process?
What have you learned/unlearned in your past ESM experience?
What do you know more about yourself?

(4) Future: How can we apply what we have learned in the future?
How will a “disciple making ESM” affect your future?
What you need to do in order to make this happen?
What is your expectation?
How can we apply what we have learned/experienced?

In order to benefit from the process, please do not entertain thoughts like: if only s/he could do more about this; if only s/he didn’t do all these…

Instead, focus on yourselves: “What is my role in all these?”