Sunday Small Groups

Sunday Small Groups on 2012:

Andy: Ben, Geoff, Irwin, Tom L, Matt, Darren, Felix, Gab.
Tristin: Elvin, Dez, Tom C, Yingkit, Sam D.
John/Dom: Andrew Li, David (aka Daniel), Adam, Stanly, Jarrod, Kenny.
Karen/Tracy: Jenny, Veron, Becky, Jennifer, Louisa, Maricel Nieto.
Ivy/Christine: Tiff Lo, Tiff Li, Florence, Lesley, Verna, Jodie.
Ho Pan/Simon: Tim, Nick, Martin W, Freeman, Chris Z (Gina, Jessie, Glo)
Betty/Chris: Grace, Nikki, James, Martin P, Vincent L (Heyland, Calvin, Bianca)

Baptism Class: Gina, Jessie, Glo, Heyland, Calvin, Bianca, Yoki (and Samatha sit in).

If you know anyone who should be in one of these groups but the name is not here, please inform Pastor Vincent immediately. Many Thanks.

A “Christian” New Years Resolution?

Very often at the arrival of the new year, we resolve to make various changes in our lives, be it to lose weight, to study harder or even to get off the couch and stop being lazy. These are, of course, great resolutions to have – giving us something to aim for in the new year so that we don’t “waste the year” ahead.

As Christians, it is of even greater importance why we ought to make resolutions for the new year: So that our limited, God-given time on earth under the grace of the Lord Jesus would not be wasted.

But how similar (or different) should our resolutions be to the world’s? I’ve been inspired by this article by Nathan Busenitz – A New Year’s Top Ten List which is worth a read. The article gives us a little look at the top 10 resolutions made by the late Jonathan Edwards (known to most as the greatest theologian America has ever produced) and the way he went about resolving them.